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Case Management

  • Case manager or supervisor will contact customer upon receipt of referral to confirm instructions.
  • Case management will:
  • Be action oriented and goal directed.
  • Contact all parties after each appointment.
  • Continuously assess the client’s ability to return to work and reach MMI.
  • Identify all barriers to resolution.
  • Establish action plans and provide professional options to overcome barriers.
  • Provide seamless integration of recommended treatments and activities needed for file resolution.
  • Establish recovery time frames using established treatment protocols.
  • Keep all parties informed of all significant changes.
  • Clearly define areas of savings for the customer.


  • Case manager will:
  • Ensure on-time reporting.
  • Ensure each report reflects action, captures all pertinent details and outlines a time framed plan.
  • Compose brief but comprehensive reports.

Supervisory Responsibility

  • Supervisor will:
  • Provide on-going discussions with case managers regarding file activities and outcomes.
  • Continue to provide on-going training and mentoring to establish effective case management process


Maximum contact visit
deadlines from receipt
report deadlines maximum fee charges
Contact Carrier / Adjuster - 24 hrs Initial Evaluation - 30 days Clerical - No Charge
Initial Client Contact - 24 hrs Activity Report Cycle - 30 days Photocopying - $0.50 per page
Initial Client Visit - Within 5 days Closure Report to Supervisors - 2 wks Long Distance - $0.25 per min
Attorney Contact - 24 hrs    
Employer Contact - 24 hrs    
Physician Contact - 24 hrs